Satya’s approach draws from the depth of source, rich and varied life experience and many healing modalities and spiritual perspectives including bodywork, trauma healing, yoga, dance, the Diamond Approach, School of Lost Borders, indigenous wisdom, nature connection and community building. 

Satya Gita is a spiritual mentor and healer trained in many modalities working from the depth of source to support and guide spiritual development and emotional maturity. She offers spiritual mentoring for people in any walk of life driven by her conviction that all voices matter, from beginners to practitioners already deeply familiar with spiritual practice, in order to simply deepen understanding or to build a practice from scratch.

The body holds patterns of our lived life with stories, shapes, feelings and structures from our original family as well as imprints from our environment. Satya’s expertise includes emotional release bodywork, recovery from addictive patterns, and relationship work. Your session with her is a dance between the depth of your soul’s valleys, the presence of reality and a gentle brush of kindness and compassion. She also skillfully weaves in artistic expression with music, drumming and playing the flute.

Satya is truly caring and devoted to the embodiment of freedom of soul (yours and her own). Her passion and skill in understanding the mystery of the physical and energy body can be of great support to guide your soul’s journey to embody your freedom and enliven your soul through connection with your life force.

Satya’s journey has woven together inner and outer travel. She has always been a lover of life, a lover of humanness and a lover of nature. Growing up in Norway, she often went mushroom gathering with her father, fishing from a row boat in the Nordic sea from a deserted island in Norway. She is a true Viking (from Viking blood), hardy and full of love. After leaving Norway at age 19, she studied African dance on the Ivory Coast, Indian music and dance in the richness of Varanasi.

Living in community in Northern California, where she feels at home, furthered her education as a bodyworker and healer and also met her love for circular, non-hierarchical living in tribe. At Harbin Hot Springs, Satya is well known as the founder of her extended yoga program as well as her guidance and mentorship of many students. For several decades, she has been leading yoga teacher trainings and retreats infused with yoga and other embodiment practices and exercises to deepen into presence and understand the reality and profundity of being human.

Satya has come to know that her prayers start from the honoring of this sacred land, mother earth. As a traveler she finds home wherever she lands through truly turning towards spirit.

Living on the land at Harbin, often walking barefoot, deepened her study with the natural world and indigenous wisdom as a fire tender, vision questing. Satya has come to know that her prayers start from the honoring of this sacred land, mother earth. As a traveler she finds home wherever she lands through truly turning towards spirit. She has lately further deepened her communion with wild nature and the dialectic with inner nature, through working with horses and understanding owl medicine, as well as through studies with John Davis with the School of Lost Borders. Her knowledge, capacities and realization are deeply influenced by her journey with the Diamond Approach for the past 16 years (including 10 years training to be a teacher).

Spiritual mentoring with Satya is most effective as an ongoing process, with meetings every 1 – 4 weeks to support your transformation. Satya also offers bodywork (currently on Zoom) and heart centered and energetically inspired weekly yoga classes (currently on Zoom).

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