Embody Your Freedom Training

90 Day Training Program

The Spiritual Human Being is one who walks on the path of deepening awareness, self inquiry and healing – one who can, to an ever-increasing extent, meet their inner struggles, be intimate with themselves and discover their true identity as a spiritual being.

True intimacy with yourself and the world depends on embodiment. When you are fully in your body, you get a break from the suffering of believing in thoughts, and come into the pleasure and nuance of feeling and sensing yourself. You build your capacity to be present with what is here, and with that comes greater relaxation, freedom and satisfaction.  The key to building your capacity is slowing down and cultivating a field where you can meet what is there in a loving, compassionate environment. Each time you meet yourself with assistance, you build the muscle to do this for yourself.

Satya offers a respectful, safe and supportive space in which to initiate or deepen your path as a Spiritual Human Being. She deeply attunes to your body and emotions, and offers nurturing support for you to drop into what is actually happening in the moment.  With gentle instruction, dialogue, use of the breath and other embodiment techniques that she has learned over the past 30 years, Satya guides you deeper into yourself so you can release what blocks your full expression. You will be offered tools and guidance to move from patterned thought and behavior into your embodied, true nature. Sessions may include movement, hands-on work or bodywork.

Our soul’s intelligence makes it possible for us to naturally unwind into who we really are. With Satya’s guidance, by the end of this training, you will have integrated the skills you need to reliably connect to that deeper intelligence as you practice landing in the moment as an embodied being.

A complete training program consists of thirteen individual 60 –  90 min sessions, once per week or once every other weeks. Home practices are offered.


$1040, includes 90-minute sessions every two weeks + a 20 minute check in
$1990, includes a 90-minute session each week.
(I offer a 15% discount if payed in full up front.)

Words From Another Spiritual Being

“As a Healer and a Teacher Satya is a Unique and Powerful Expression of Love in Action.  Our work together was the key that unlocked the door to loving and healing myself after over 12 years of chronic illness and severe emotional distress.

There is something that I can only describe as magical about working with Satya, she has been consistently able to penetrate my most deeply held defenses and go straight to the core of my imbalance in such a way that resistance disappears and healing occurs spontaneously and naturally.

 After over a decade of seeking for help with my physical and emotional problems and over two years of being unable to work or effectively care for myself I had almost completely given up hope, and had resigned myself to a life of severely limited functionality, both physical and emotional. In the course of a few short months of working together my physical health had restored to the point where I am now working full time in a field I love, and my emotional state has become stable to the point where I am able to face the trauma and pain of my childhood in such a way that I now have faith that I can not only heal from my past but thrive.

 I am 42 now, before working with Satya I had almost no memory of my life from age 5 to age 12. After only a few sessions those memories began to return. Our work together allowed me to integrate those memories in a way that has given me great strength and peace in the face of an extremely difficult childhood, as well as decades of re-creating that trauma in the form of poor choices and toxic relationships. There is no question in my mind that I would not have been able to unlock and heal the past without Satya’s extraordinary ability to hold a space of deep love and witness as she cleared these holding patterns from my body and psyche.

 Her devotion to her own growth as a person and practitioner is in my opinion a key component to her effectiveness in assisting others in walking their path to fullness. It is clear in working together with Satya that when she is guiding you through the dark forest of fears, pain, obstacles and insecurities that she has walked these paths herself, has found a light to guide her own way, and is sharing that light with you as you walk together. There is no textbook mumbo-jumbo or new age one-liners here, Satya is a trustworthy guide who has traveled her own personal inner landscape to the point where she can confidently lead others through their own.

 Satya’s ability to hold space for me through the most difficult areas of my internal landscape has allowed me to finally find acceptance for those parts of myself that I was unable to love, and given me the confidence and tools I needed to continue forward in this life in a way I didn’t think possible before our work together. Her humility, grace and humor in the face of the great mystery of life is an inspiration and a precious gift. I would recommend her to anyone who is authentically seeking a more expanded awareness of self and a greater experience of joy and well being.”

Joseph, Boulder, Co



– is one who feels deeply and loves fiercely.
Her tears flow just as abundantly as her laughter.
– is both soft and powerful.
She is both practical and spiritual.
– in her essence is a gift to the world