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Our sorrow and wounds are healed
only when we touch them with compassion.


Contact me directly to schedule a session:
Via text: 707.295.6520
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Again and again, clients have told me that what makes my massages different is the deep presence and contactfulness I bring to them. I meet you in the depth of being, not just in your physical body. All of the layers; physical, emotional, and spiritual will be touched. I create a rhythm between us that can go very deep, or be more an unwinding and a light flow. These will mix together according to your current needs. I often use essential oils to support balance. I might include the totality of the body, or  focus particularly on opening one area. I often incorporate stretching and use shiatsu on meridian points.

Cranio Sacral

Cranio Sacral is particularly useful to open up the channels in the body that are connected to the bone and the spinal fluid. I use this method especially for those who have difficulties in the pelvis or hips, including digestive and abdominal issues, or for those who have neck issues. I begin by taking inventory of the body to check alignment, moving from the feet to the head, then gently manipulate the structures, giving the body space to unwind and fall into place.


Amanae is an embodied journey that takes us back to remembrance and direct experience of the self. It releases trapped energy and emotions held in the body, allowing us to access our light. Amanae transformed my life and is now a deep passion of mine that I would love to share with you.

Hands-On Inquiry

This is a mind-body dialogue process. As you relax on the table, I allow the synergy between us to guide me to where to work on the body, and then hold my hands there and ask questions so that part of the body can speak for the soul. Sometimes I concentrate on one part of the body, and sometimes I’m guided to move onto another. The benefit of hands-on work is the tactile support for your process — the contact supports the soul so that it can reveal more.

Our sorrow and wounds are healed only when we touch them with compassion.