When: September 10-14

Where: Sierra Nevadas

Your Guides:
Yoga, Nature + Inquiry with Satya Gita
Nature + Nourishment with Alaya Babineau

Communing with nature is an essential practice. On this wilderness retreat we will backpack and make camp at a location where we can seek the inner chambers of our hearts and be in our bodies. Our time will allow for Yoga, silent sitting, simple foods and a 24 hour solo quest to deepen our relationships with, and capacity to be with, all that life brings.

We love this earth and being in this human body so deeply, that we wish to share this embodied love affair with you, and to be gentle guides to remembering our indigenous place within: we belong to this earth, just as WE ARE NATURE.

  • How we choose our food is one of the most impactful ways of positively affecting climate change and helping the planet and our bodies to heal while simultaneously finding resiliency once again.
  • Our ability to deeply feel, and to learn how to stay with the intensity of our emotions and the emotions of others, can also help to heal the planet. 
  • Our willingness to listen deeply, sit in silence, and reconnect with ourselves within nature and the more-than-human world supports SEEING from our hearts, and remembering in our guts that we are all connected, helps us to understand that what we do to the earth we do to ourselves. 
  • To choose responsibility and not look away from our hurtful impact and be kind to ourselves as we discover all the ways we still “do not want to be inconvenienced.” 
  • To choose to accept that we do not know, living in the mystery of the ever unfolding moment to moment.
  • Find the freedom to be closer to your self.  Lean in to your direct experience and listen to the preciousness of your heart.

COVID-19 Safe. Limited to 10 participants.

Investment: Sliding Scale $500-800 (scholarships available). Food included in price.

To reserve your spot, venmo a deposit of $250.

Alaya Babineau

Alaya’s way of sharing reconnects us to a deep resolve from the heart, to living a life of fierce devotion in choosing loving care, cooperation and consideration in all the ways we move in life. Alaya supports you in building inner and outer resilience practices and community support to face the massive changes happening in the world.

She has been a lifelong student, teacher and practitioner of massage therapy for 30 years, biodynamic cranial sacral therapy and body-centered meditation. Alaya has lead workshops at Harbin Hot Springs for environmentally conscious eating, cleansing and self-care for 10 years. Currently offering a 30 Day Online Program: Kindness Kitchen Conscious Eating and Liver Reset. Alaya offers wilderness vision fasting and present touch guidance, privately and in retreat gatherings. Alaya is currently based in Sebastopol, CA.

Learn more about Alaya here.

“Satya is such a special individual and it’s an honor to have any time at all in her presence. Add in therapeutic hot springs, yoga, meditation, chanting and the intimacy of a small group in a beautiful natural environment – at the end of the weekend you pretty much feel like you’ve “gone to the moon.” I can’t recommend this retreat highly enough for anyone wanting to s-l-o-w, move more inward and come home to themselves.”

~ 2019 Retreat Participant