Wilderness Embodiment Retreat

A 6-Day Exploration in Restoring our Relationship to Inner Nature and Wild Nature

A Collaboration with Alaya Babineau of Wilderness-Within

Dates: Tuesday, July 13- Sunday, July 18, 2021

Location: Lassen Volcanic Wilderness

Your Guides: Satya Gita + Alaya Babineau

  • Hiking and Swimming
  • Yoga, Movement & Breathwork
  • Sacred Ceremony, Community Council and Inquiry
  • Guided Meditation and Nature Listening
  • Teachings Four Directions and Contemporary Wisdom
  • Community Meal Share
  • 24-Hour Solo Sit

“To encounter our human body is to encounter the natural world. We tend to forget that we are mammalian primates! The closer we come to the body, the closer we draw to the truth of our own wildness. This connects us to the planetary wildness that we aspire to protect.” ~Lama Willa B. Miller

Do you have any place in your soul that might be longing for some rejuvenating time to enjoy wild nature, be in community, enjoying silence and stillness and getting in touch with your depth through yoga, body practices and nourishing food?

This remarkable time in history presents us with wake up calls that are happening on our planet culturally and environmentally. We will deepen our awareness of the impact our lifestyle choices have on the planet, choosing our impact more consciously. Each of us is being called to find and act upon what is uniquely ours to do, in belonging to the animate earth and through understanding our indigenous place within.

This is an environment free of judgement. Expect a lot of love and laughter. We are here to support each other in this discovery and to work together to create a new story of interconnectedness, compassion, tolerance, cooperation and acceptance of diversity. Join us for this essential time of re-connecting to a deep heart resolve to living a life of fierce devotion to care of self and all beings on this planet.

Community Meal Share and Preparation

How we choose our food is one of the biggest ways to positively affect Climate Change and help the planet and our bodies heal and stay well.  We will all be participating in a shared meal plan preparing and supplying food for each other, for a hearty Breakfast and Dinner. Lunch will be your responsibility to provide for yourself. We will be creating a simple healthy meal plan that 2 participants at a time, will take shifts in preparing breakfast or dinner.  We will be providing tea, coffee, sweeteners, dairy-free creamers and snacks. A cooking space will be set and all pots and  pans provided. You will need to provide your utensils. As we get closer to the date you will be receiving a list of what food you are needing to bring and what you are helping to make for our tribal community food adventure.

Sacred Ceremony and Community Council

Each journey out into the wilderness will give us insights and experience that we will bring back to be witnessed by our tribe. Questions and inquiry may be invited as, together, we explore and reflect on each person’s experience.

In this time together in community we create a sacred container to be seen, heard, affirmed and supported in the unique evolutionary journey of our soul. As we listen to each other’s heartfelt expression in community council, we find reservoirs of strength and compassion, allowing us to be with discomfort. We will experience firsthand that nature, our tribe and our true nature, can hold these vulnerable, unmet places and help us stay present to their healing. Through ongoing revelation, we stretch and grow, finding ever changing expressions of what it means to be a human being in community.

Yoga, Movement and Breathwork

We will share practices such as yoga, movement, breathwork and melting our bodies into trees or rocks to explore how we move and are moved by nature. Allowing the conscious breath to touch contracted places in our body is one of the most natural ways to deepen into presence. We will be guiding you in a variety of breathing practices that can deepen your meditations, bring unmet material to the surface to be explored and open access to the ever present Breath of Life. Feeling the earth beneath our feet, the sun on our bodies, the wind brushing our skin, smelling the air and flowers and hearing the birds can support us in knowing the reality of nature through our body. 

Being in wilderness 

Simply walking with awareness in the natural world has many benefits for our bodies and mental well being. For some of us, wild nature is an easy and beloved friend, a place to rejuvenate and re-connect to our self, find comfort and relax into the depth of ourselves. For other of us, the natural world can be scary, unfamiliar and bring up deep-seated issues. For yet others, there can be a wish to get more comfortable and more embodied with this majesty that provides such deep beauty and power. Whatever is your truth, you are welcome and will be supported to go deeper in your relationship to wild nature, discovering the subtlest magic of this land and landscape.

Retreat Schedule

Day 1
Tues, July 13th

12pm: Arrival -Set up camp 
1pm: Orientation to Land 
2pm: Movement Class
3pm: Teaching of East Shield and Inquiry
4pm-6pm: Solo Time
Dinner: 6pm (Alaya)
7:30: Community Council/Fire

Day 2
Wed., July 14th

7:30am: Tea/Fruit
8am: Movement Class
9am: Breakfast
9:30-11am: Teaching South Shield and Inquiry
11-4pm: Hike to Horseshoe Lake and Snagg Lake/Solo Time/Lunch
5.30pm: Dinner
7:30pm: Community Council/Fire

Day 3
Thurs, July 15

7:30am: Tea/Fruit
8am: Movement Class
9am: Breakfast
9:30 -11am: Teaching West Shield and Inquiry
11- 1pm: Solo TIme
1pm: Lunch
2pm: Council
3:30pm: Teaching North Shield and Inquiry
4:30- 6pm: Solo Time
6:30pm: Dinner
7:30pm: Fire and Council

Day 4
Fri, July 16

7:30am: Tea and Fruit/Silence/Pack up
9am: Threshold
9:30am: Journey Out for Solo Purification Day

Day 5
Sat, July 17

After sunrise: Return and Greeting from Solo Journey
8am: Breakfast (Alaya)
10am: Council
12ish: Lunch/ Free time
3pm: Integration Group Outing: Warner Valley-Geothermal Hike 

Day 6
Sun, July 18

8am: Breakfast
8:30am: Pack up
10am-12pm: Closing circle 
Send with snacks

Investment: Sliding Scale $800-1400.

To reserve your spot, venmo @SatyaGita-Aune a non-refundable deposit of $300.

COVID-19 Safe. Limited to 12 participants.

Alaya Babineau

Alaya’s way of sharing reconnects us to our indigenous place within: as we are nature remembering in human form, our belonging to the natural world that birthed us into being. Alaya supports us in recovering our deep resolve from the heart, to living a life of fierce devotion in choosing loving care, cooperation and consideration in all the ways we move in life. Cultivating inner and outer resilience practices and community support to face the massive changes happening in the world.

Alaya is a teacher and practitioner of Massage Therapy and Biodynamic Cranial Sacral Therapy for 30 years. She has led workshops for environmentally conscious eating, cleansing, body-centered meditation, Breathwork, self-care, authentic movement (5-Rhythms and Continuum Movement inspired) and couples massage for 10 years at Harbin Hot Spring Retreat Center.

Alaya is a graduate of  Wilderness Reflections-Wilderness Quest Apprenticeship and Training. Blessed by the vision quest leader and pipe carrier, Lorindra Moon Star to carry forward the gift of guiding. Alaya is currently offering a 30 Day Online Program: Kindness Kitchen Restoration Practices and Reset. Private bodywork sessions and personal massage instruction for couples. She lives currently in Sebastopol, CA and Louisville, Kentucky.

Learn more about Alaya here.

“Satya is such a special individual and it’s an honor to have any time at all in her presence. Add in therapeutic hot springs, yoga, meditation, chanting and the intimacy of a small group in a beautiful natural environment – at the end of the weekend you pretty much feel like you’ve “gone to the moon.” I can’t recommend this retreat highly enough for anyone wanting to s-l-o-w, move more inward and come home to themselves.”

~ 2019 Retreat Participant