Embody Your Freedom 2020
Sierra Hot Springs Retreat

Sierraville, CA
April 10-12, 2020

Do you want to get free from the mind chatter and the emotional attachments in life?


We will focus on using the yoga practice, meditation and other exercises to get in touch with and relax in to a Vacation State. A vacation from identifying with our habitual mind shatter…while getting some space to look at the blue sky and allowing the clouds to pass on by. Often being in our busy life, we forget to simply let our being rest and just be. Not fixing, altering or improving, but simply BEING. 

On this three day yoga retreat the Bhav, or spiritual mood, is Vacation State. We will cultivate a bit of space from what often limits our vacation state: our inner critic. We will be learning some skills to start working with this “friend”, support our selves to rest as we are and enjoy our selves and our life. 

In this tranquil none judgmental environment, I personally would like to invite you home to the sanctuary of your being. 

Find the freedom to be closer to your self.  

Lean in to your direct experience and listen to the preciousness of your heart.

Feel your freedom from the imprisonment of believing your inner judge. 

Celebrate and rejoice being you. There will be time to enjoy yoga, meditation, chanting, inquiry, organic meals, and heated mineral springs.

You’ll come home from the weekend feeling nourished, relaxed and rejuvenated.

“Satya is such a special individual and it’s an honor to have any time at all in her presence. Add in therapeutic hot springs, yoga, meditation, chanting and the intimacy of a small group in a beautiful natural environment – at the end of the weekend you pretty much feel like you’ve “gone to the moon.” I can’t recommend this retreat highly enough for anyone wanting to s-l-o-w, move more inward and come home to themselves.”

2019 Retreat Participant