Spiritual Mentoring

Contact me directly to schedule a session. I am currently conducting spiritual counseling and emotional healing sessions via Zoom. Let’s connect.

Via text: 707.295.6520
Via email:  gita@satyaaune.com


Spiritual mentoring sessions are a time in which you are invited to a safe space, to discover and be with yourself. We will address any issues that might arise from your life, or from the pandemic, political upheaval, fires, smoke…all of these situations press on other structures, such as fear, abandonment, overwhelm, issues of relationship, addiction…When the outer pressure on our soul is heightened, as it is at this time, it can become more difficult to navigate life and its’ challenges.

In the sessions, I use many modalities to support you to stay close to yourself and to get in touch with what is there, and to metabolize that material.

To have a little bit more space inside, a little more freedom, a little more understanding, a little more peace, I hold the space with love and no judgement, for you to unfold and to be with yourself. I look forward to sharing time with you, and honoring your true nature, and taking this time to just be with you with a kind support.



“During my sessions with Satya, I feel that she understands my needs and knows how to guide me in a safe and trusting space. Satya holds a very kind and grounded energy and her counseling feels like a warm hug – whether in person or via ZOOM. After just a few months of working with Satya I’ve developed years of growth. Her ability to teach and heal me has been refreshing and such a blessing in my life. I recommend Satya’s counseling to anyone, especially to anyone who has tried “traditional” forms of therapy and never felt truly heard or understood.” – MM


“It has been such a tremendous and invaluable blessing in my life to have found Satya and to have access to her wisdom, insight, experience and authentic presence. She has helped to accelerate my own understanding of myself in a way I didn’t know was possible.  It is so rare to come across another being that is able to model non-judgement in the way that I have experienced it with Satya.  This modeling of non-judgement creates a space of healing and learning without which it would be impossible to uncover the parts of myself plastered over by shame; to look at myself with love, understanding and acceptance.  Once you have the opportunity to be supported in this way and experience this growth, life opens up with exciting possibilities and you realize that this is what every human deserves.” – LL

“Satya holds a space of deep stillness that is agendaless, open and yet full of curiosity and heart. That trustable holding allows my heart, mind and body to soften, trust and unfold at a pace that feels natural and attuned. Her skill set runs deep. She has guided me through core traumas and wounds, helped me explore the psycho dynamic roots of my patterns and supported states of profound expansion and joy. I would recommend her to anyone who is committed to the inner journey.” – SE


Are you curious to learn more? I offer free 20 minute mentoring sessions to see if we are a good fit. 

Our sorrow and wounds are healed
only when we touch them with compassion.

Contact me directly to schedule a session:
Via text: 707.295.6520
Via email:  gita@satyaaune.com