My yoga teaching emphasizes spiritual, emotional and physical integration. Each session is unique, as I am sensitive to the spontaneous exchange between students and myself, and am responsive to what is needed in the moment in collaboration with a planned, creative and  intelligent sequencing of postures. From my bodywork training, I have a deep understanding of body alignment and offer extensive hands-on adjustments. I bring emotional intelligence to my teaching that supports each individual to continue their healing in a compassionate way, and emphasize developing sensitivity to the energetic flow of life.


A typical class begins with chanting and centering, establishing the spiritual mood. I check in for specific requests and then we go into a fun, intelligent and creative flow meeting the needs from the students , emphasizing breath with movement and using music as a backdrop. Classes normally drop into a creative vinyasa flow, and include inverted poses with an emphasis on inner experience. We normally end with Shavasana to integrate the practice. Students leave feeling more deeply embodied and connected to themselves.

Current class schedule in California:

Namaste Yoga – Lakeshore

Thursdays 5.30pm – 6.45pm – Vinyasa

“Satya  teaches yoga from the inside out, transmitting an embodied presence and depth of practice that is rare and precious.”

Jane Brunette, Meditation Teacher

Yoga as a Spiritual Path

Yoga and inquiry for advanced yogis
Offered as a 3-hour immersion, or a series of 6-8 weeks of 2-hour classes

In the ancient form of yoga, asanas are part of a larger spiritual practice that takes us to the freedom that comes when we know the truth of who we are. It
In this advanced class, you will learn the hidden practice that has been left behind in much of contemporary yoga, which allow us to move toward embodying the soul in our daily lives. Using asana and breathing, we will begin by opening the belly center, which is the embodiment of the soul. With the body opened up by yoga, we will work with emotions that come up and the life patterns that we struggle with. As we get in touch with the blockages in our bodies and minds, we will develop the skill of inquiry to work with what arises, using the wisdom of yoga to address our issues as the doorway into greater freedom.

Private Mentoring Sessions

For those who want to deepen their practice, or for yoga teachers who want to incorporate more authentic spirituality into their teaching. These sessions help you to learn to  contact source inside yourself so you will no longer try to be someone else in your teaching and practice, but tap into your unique expression. We might utilize reading, chanting and other methods to free the voice so that you can speak what is true for you. For yoga teachers, you will deepen your ability to do hands-on adjustment, as you learn to read bodies and stay grounded in your own being, work with emotions as they arise and hold space for others while staying in your own center.

Private Yoga Sessions

For those who want to bring a deeper, whole-body orientation to their practice. Sessions help you to come into the pelvis and ground of being so that you can expand into more effortlessness in the poses and open to the flow of energy. Sessions are also useful for those who feel uncertain about how to align their body in specific poses.